Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fidget Spinner Amazing Art

Fidget spinners

Kia ora I am here to talk to you about why fidgety fun fidget spinners should NOT be allowed in class here are my reasons and examples why.
Bring your fidget spinner into

Firstly fidget spinners  are distracting so say you were working  and the person next to you started to spin theres and it was spinning...spinning...spinning..spinning...spinning...spinning  oh! Sorry I got a little carried away with  the spinnings, SEE! It is already  taking over me and my learning. So the person next to you then asks you if you want a turn and most people would say YES!  And then you are distracted and are taking up learning seconds,minutes and even HOURS  on it distracting yourself.

Secondly if you did not know  fidget spinners are very popular and the chances of it getting lost are 89 percent thats a big chance. So say if you left your fidget spinner on the table and then came back AHH your fidget spinner is not there POOF it has disappeared! ( or has it? )  so my advice is do not  take it  into class keep it in your bag.

And lastly  these are playground toys not class toys and you should just save all your mood for spinning, for the playground .

In for all these reasons,  I think fidget spinners should not be used in the class.


A few weeks ago we had to write a persuasive piece of writing. After we had done that we made some art, what we drew was fidget spinners. The WALT was use  space, crayon and dye. We had to use up all the space on the paper. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Here is my writing. I hope you enjoy!  

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