Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jade Light extra activity

The  dark is near stealing breaking and killing...   only seven can rise up against the dark. The power to see things far far away. The power to run like lightning. the power to talk to animals. The power to fly. The power to  unlock locks. The power to turn invisible. And  the power to see the dead. Seven will start this quest... But only six will return.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

your future self Activity one

In the future I would like to go to university. Learn french Dutch and Spanish. Also I would love to become a well known Author and run a cafe called Sour N Sweet. I am already writing my first book and would love to finish it! I also will have a nice house that gets lots of sun  And a big garden with lots of colorful flowers.

Friday, January 12, 2018

activity 2 week 4 sporting heroes

My sporting hero would be Simone biles she trains so hard and at the age of 6 she was doing back and front flips of her wall.  She is said to be the best gymnast this world has ever seen!!!

Week 4 bonus activity the rise of selfies

here is my selfie of what I like doing!

Activity 2 week 4 : lord of the rings

 I think that if I where to have 300 MILLION!!!! ( wow) dollars,I would love to help my mum and dad pay of the   bills for ... well anything and help  my dad get that boat he wants. I would probably  give 4 million to homeless Africans and give 4 million to the  SPCA. I would probably give a little bit to my sister and would give some to my mum and dad. And the rest I would probably use on big house and chilled life! And I would love to use some of it towards university and my writing. This is what I would spend it on.

( and a POOL!!!!! )

Thursday, December 7, 2017

day 1 choose a destination

I have chosen Germany because it sounds like a warm and beautiful place where there is very nice artwork and amazing views I would love to go to this place  because the houses look straight out of a movie.And I would love to learn German it sounds so nice. It also looks like a wonderful place  to visit with  your family.And the castles look like they took so much work but the final work is brilliant.The water looks so fresh and sparkling.
Yes... Germany would be a wonderful place to visit.
 Image result for germany

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ocean conservation

On Monday this week  Te Ngahere had a visit from a lady called Libby Bowles. She talked to us about the animals she worked with and all the rubbish sed seen. And how she had made a bamboo bike and now rides it around the country! After we had her we had to make a google drawing of what we have learnt here is my google drawing.