Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Two weeks ago  Te Ngahere wrote a creative piece of writing. We were allowed to chose  any type of writing. I did narrative.  I used onomatopoeia and metaphors. I think I used good metaphors and a lot of description. Next time I might add some  idioms and hyperboles .

Onamatapia  Metaphor
“Come on Cybil Alice  the morning boat is nearly out!”
Asherah quickly swished  her flukes up and down  sending her  spiraling upward.  Her   beak was the first thing to touch the surface and she was soo happy to feel the cool summers breeze swirl around her she gave a little click of joy. Quickly after her came Cybil and Alice her sister's, them too giving clicks of joy. Ashera  lifted her beak as high as it could and then  jumped high into the air her body  spinning as she did soo. Now  Asherah was a very rare kind of dolphin called the spinner dolphin  she had a beautiful shiny grey  skin that the sun  reflected of.  Going too a creamy white belly. Now her sister Alice was the same but she had  a splash of spots on her melon  Alice was a walking encyclopedia and was always ready to spring a fact.  Cybil was the same as Alice Except had lost one of her flippers in  a incident with a plastic bag. But thanks to the humans she made a fast recovery and her  new plastic flipper nearly works a s well as her old one. Anyway  the spinner dolphins were unique for their ability to spin while they were  jumping.

Asherah jumped her whole body turning upside down as she did so spinning gracefully through the air SPLASH!  Cybil jumping after her a little more clumsy ( her tail was a little big. )  Alice  was suddenly still apart from the little flick of her flukes, then suddenly she  gave a squeal of excitement.  And dashed towards the droning sound coming from the north. The morning boat was here! Cybil and Asherah rushed after her  spinning as they went. Slowly  The morning boat came into view, It was a  big boat with two main decks which hundreds of tourists and  locals were squashed onto. Asherah did what she always did leaping up into the air spinning, except she added a twist, as she was spinning she blew water from her blowhole and it surrounded her while she span. When she landed in the water she saw something slowly moving through the water Harring! Her favourite she arched her back like a cat, then  propel herself towards the
Harring. Stretching her mouth wide open the closing it  around the herring. As soon as the silver little herring entered her mouth she realised it was not a herring… YUCK! She tried to spit it out but it wouldn't come out. She started to panic thrashing wildly  bucking and spinning.  Clicking madly she realized that she  was starting to suffocate. And her clicks  became  sharp inhales that soon became little  high pitched squeaks. Alice looked up to the sky at the warm sun beating on her melon. Then she dived down to see if Asherah was ok.  But to find Asherah lying silently on a bed of sand  sand churning around her  showing she had only just fallen.

“ASHERAH!!!!!” Asherah turned her head a little and  made a little whiny sound Alice  shouted to Cybil and with Cybil’s help they  put there  body under each flipper and slowly brang her to the surface  Asherah took a little breath from her blowhole.Alice panicked  when she saw that Asherah was barely breathing.
“ Cybil can you hold her for about 20 seconds?”
“ I think so”
So Cybil went under water holding her breath, and supported Asherah’s belly. Meanwhile alice  dipped her beak towards a  nearby stick the sped towards  it. When it was in reach she opened her mouth and grasped the stick tightly with her teeth,  then swam up to the surface. She signaled to Cybil that she could come up and while cybil supported Asherahs  flipper and flukes  Alice slowly put the stick into asherahs mouth  and slowly used it like a spoon ( gripping it still with her teeth ) to pull out the silver thing. When she got it Asherah did a little  jump of joy in her heart she could breathe again. Then she  asked
“what was that?” Alice studied the  floating thing that was now crumpled up.  
“ my guess is tinfoil”

Then Asherah,Alice and Cybil lived a happy tinfoil free life.

The End

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