Friday, January 12, 2018

Activity 2 week 4 : lord of the rings

 I think that if I where to have 300 MILLION!!!! ( wow) dollars,I would love to help my mum and dad pay of the   bills for ... well anything and help  my dad get that boat he wants. I would probably  give 4 million to homeless Africans and give 4 million to the  SPCA. I would probably give a little bit to my sister and would give some to my mum and dad. And the rest I would probably use on big house and chilled life! And I would love to use some of it towards university and my writing. This is what I would spend it on.

( and a POOL!!!!! )


  1. Annyeonghaseyo Tessa,
    my name is Cia. I am a Ako Hiko Summer Learning Journey commentator who will be working with various bloggers over the summer break.

    It is so great to see you return to blogging through the Summer Learning Journey, welcome!

    You’ve shared many different things your money would go towards. It was really thoughtful to think of using some of money to donate and support people who may be homeless, unfortunately a lot of people around the world don’t have a place to call home. I can tell you spent a lot of time thinking carefully about what you’d do which is always wise.

    If I had 300 million dollars, I’d definitely pay any debts that my family and close friends had, as well as donate to some great causes. World Vision, Kids Can, Canteen, The Cancer Society, Youthline, Rainbow Youth, Auckland City Mission, Ronald McDonald House, SPCA and World Animal Protection are some of the organisations and charities I would donate to. I know they’d help a lot of people and animals in need. Is there a particular charity you’d like to donate to?

    I hope you’re having a stellar holiday break and staying safe this summer!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i ('See you again' in Samoan),


  2. Kia Ora Tessa,

    These are some awesome ideas you have. I can't even begin to fathom having that much money in my bank account! I think giving money to the SPCA is an awesome idea. I love animals and think that if we could support the company that protects animals, then that would be amazing!

    If I had 300 million dollars, like Cia I would also help out any family and friends that are in debt, and I would also set up a charity to help people get to university as I know first hand how expensive it can be. I would also look at helping the homeless as it's such a big issue in New Zealand at the moment.

    I'm very happy to see how much thought you put into your answer for this activity and I can tell that if you did have 300 million dollars, you would be very generous.

    Nga mihi