Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kitty Kitty Kitsune

Their bushy three tails flapping to the wind.
Their eyes like deep blue pools.
Their ears like soft petals.
Their fur as soft as a blanket.
They live in a hollow tree full of their favorite juicy  food birds and bunnies!
In that uneven hollow tree where they live it is wet and damp and filled with soft bedding of moss prrrrrfect. In the day their sport is stealing crummy delightful food out of a humungus! Manshion.   Strawberries, blackberries and anything juicy you can name.
They steal till days end !
I was learning to a piece of descriptive writing about a kitsune. ( A kitsune is a cat with three tails ) I think I used a lot of adjectives I need to use more onomatopoeia.

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