Thursday, March 9, 2017

Terrific Tasty Tangelo

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Tasty Tangelo

Tuesday 21st  February  2017

The tasty orange and yellow twisted together Tangelo was an oval shape that was as bumpy as a gravel road. As I peeled the rough skin it made a crunch noise. Once it was peeled it was a orange with white  lines between the segments.I sunk my teeth into the rubbery flesh and what I saw inside was lots and lots piled on top of each other where se through little beads of juice! Sqwish!
as I bite into the beads of flavor juice dribbles down my chin  all of my tastebuds scream TASTY! And I agree.
I was learning to do a descriptive piece of writing  about a delicious tangelo that my teacher brought in. I was working on similes and adjectives.I think I did well with similes. I think I need to work on Onomatopoeia.

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